Arts in and as research

Dancing your thesis.

Singing your data.

Movie about your methodology.

Have you ever tried to present some aspect of your research through the arts?

Students and staff at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education every term organise the event Arts Kaleidoscope – an hour of research performance through the arts. Today was this term’s event where ten students – researchers – performers – were doing amazing 5min performances of their research and presenting how they make sense of it through various medium.

I presented the inspiration for my research through the poem I made, following by a piano performance of Chopin: Prelude in E minor.

I will share my poem:

Chopin Prelude in E minor

How beautiful it sounds

When one note makes the other one cry,

Leaves you powerless and speechless

In the awe of that divine moment.

How beautiful it sounds

When one note inspires your life

Leads you to imagine

What you love, Who you are

And who you might become.

How beautiful it sounds

When the sound takes you to a journey

Exploring your desires,

Recalling your lost dreams,

Displaying a glimpse of future.

You’re breathing slowly

As the sound opens the door

Of another world

Unknown to your senses.

The world in which you are who you want to be

Free from the past

Free from the present

Filled with expectation.

You follow the melody to unknown direction

as it chooses the longer route

with distractions here and there,

becoming the splendour in itself.

How beautiful it sounds

When a note finds its way to hope

Leaving you breathless

As it joins other notes into a long line.

The notes are melting your heart

Making you feel restless

As the flashes go in front of your eyes.

These are The images of possibilities.

‘It is possible!’ – says the music

All is possible, with the sound.

The melody is wondering around

Avoiding settling down,

Its mission is still not done,

As there is something to be found.

How beautiful it sounds

When a note enables you to spread your wings and fly

To reach the sky, see yourself from above,

And, if necessary, cry.

Imagine only

What you could find

In your heart

if you’re inspired.

Because of these notes,

You are not same again.

They took you to another sphere

Changed your thoughts and your being.

How beautiful it sounds

When you are inspired

To embrace the new reality,

To be a living inspiration.

As a breath of life,

The notes are taking you back,

To the place where you belong,

Where your new self will be strong.

The music takes you home.